Devil's Dyke Cambridgeshire

The Cambridge Dykes

There is an article in the latest issue of British Archaeology Magazine (131 July/Aug 2013) on the Cambridge Dykes. British Archaeology Magazine I will have more to say about this later.

Map of the West Wansdyke

Threat to the Wansdyke

There is a proposal by Bath and North Somerset Council (BANES) to remove land from the green belt allowing the building of up to 300 houses close to the West Wansdyke. Rescue have responded here Rescue Helen Geake’s comments in the local press This is Bath

The Archaeology of the Dykes

The Archaeology of the Dykes

I am please to announce that  my book The Archaeology of the Dykes has been published by Amberley Publishing. It is the first book written on the subject of the post-Roman earthworks of Britain. It is available from Amazon – please use the link below: See larger image The Archaeology of the Dykes (Paperback) By (author):…